Team Natalie

Team Natalie isn’t a street team—it’s a movement. As a member of Team Natalie, you’ll get to spread the word about the music and message of Natalie Grant’s new album, LOVE REVOLUTION, in your communities, churches, workplaces or schools, homes… in your lives. Don’t worry—we’ll equip you with all of the resources you’ll need to get the job done. In return, we just need you to say “yes, I want to see a love revolution take place.” And it will. In exchange for your help—whether it’s calling your local radio station, hanging posters in your neighborhood, or sending Twitter and Facebook messages—you’ll have access to exclusive “team-only” benefits from Natalie, including an exclusive web portal & community, exclusive meet & greet opportunities, exclusive merchandise and much more! More than any tangible benefit, though, you’ll know that you were a part of something big… much bigger than all of us. You’ll know that you helped to start a movement that won’t be derailed. But, it begins with you. Join Team Natalie – it just might start a Love Revolution.