“Smitty” Sighting

Okay, so I played the Iowa State Fair last week with Michael W Smith. While I’ve worked with him several times before, I SO do not see myself as a colleague, as i am still a fan. 🙂 i mean, as a very young girl, “project” was one of the first albums my parents bought…

I Doubt It

So, what do you do on the road when you’ve got some down time? if you hang out with us, you may watch a scary movie on the bus or……play games! yep, we’re a bunch of old people. we love to sit around and play cards. actually, i have always loved games. Some of my…

Concert Survey

Hey everyone. We are conducting a little survey here and I hope you would consider being a part. The idea behind it is to find ways to make your concert going experience better. If you don’t mind taking the time, I’d appreciate some feedback from you all. Thanks so much. -nat [Natalie_Survey]

Concert Survey

Have you been to one of Natalie’s recent shows? We’d love to hear what you think. Check out Natalie’s new concert survey and let us know your thoughts! [Natalie_Survey]

Before And After In Houston

so here is a quick peak behind stage before my show in houston last night and then a quick goodbye as soon as the show ends. it was an awesome show. it was also a sauna. i used to think that sweating on stage was rock-n-roll. now i realize it’s just gross. stay tuned. i’ll…