Alaska Cruise 2010

**Natalie Grant and MWS discuss the 2010 Cruise to Alaska.** Detailed Information Here

Feel The Burn

Oh. My. Goodness. I’m feeling the fact that I haven’t worked out in years. I’m limping on stage every night. But – the workouts continue! I’m so proud of team Natalie Grant. We’re hanging in there! I have received so many tweets from you wanting to know how the P90x is going. so I thought…

I. Hate. Working. Out.

I knew I was going on tour with Jeremy Camp. I didn’t know I’d be joining his boot camp! Ok, it’s not really boot camp, but dude is serious about staying in shape on the road. And it’s actually kind-of inspiring. But i had no idea what i was getting myself into. i survived day…


Combined Sales Surpassing 1 Million Units, More Than 500,000 Radio Spins! ORLANDO, Fla.—GMA’s reigning four-time Female Vocalist of the Year and Gold-selling Curb recording artist, Natalie Grant, was recently honored by Curb Records founder and chairman, Mike Curb, for career sales of more than 1 million units and radio airplay surpassing 500,000 spins (Nielsen BDS)….

Join My Mobile Mob & Win An iPod Shuffle

The word ‘mob’ could sound slightly scary, but it is exceptionally awesome! Who doesn’t love M&M’s?! Well, i now have an M&M….a Mobile Mob! and I want you to join. You’ll get great updates and the latest news. And of course we won’t be obnoxious and bombard you. We’ll just let you in on the…