Fly Away

I’m a panicked flier. But I totally conquered a fear by going up in a hot air balloon. Yep. I’m so brave. Ok, not really. But I was proud of myself! and it was totally gorgeous. The Albuquerque sunrise was amazing.

Sneak Peek

Just had photoshoot for the new album. Thought I’d give you a little sneak peak… natalie


[video_vc type=”youtube” id=”AVkKKJKd4hQ”] So, living on the road is such a gift. I get to do what I love. But it does have its challenges and requires some creativity – especially with twin 2 year olds on the bus. There’s not much about the twins life that mirrors a typical 2 year old. They’re little…

Your $10 Can Set Thousands Free

That’s right. I’m only asking you for $10. No matter who you are, how tight your finances, you can spare ten bucks. And then watch what God can do. He will multiply that $10, and use it to set slaves free. Here’s the deal: Facebook is giving away money as a part of America’s Giving…

Gracie's Dancin Shoes

Like mother. Like daughter. My little gracie LOVES shoes. She came by it honestly 🙂 We had some peeps at the show last night, one being our sweet friend Jenn Helvering. She and her college roomates came to visit us on the bus and gracie took over one of their pairs of shoes. She was…