New What????

*SPOILER ALERT AT END OF CLIP* so i just don’t get it. i’m so sorry. please don’t be a hater. but i just don’t get it. i kinda even liked the first one. but the new one is just kind-of embarrasing…

Fly Away

I’m a panicked flier. But I totally conquered a fear by going up in a hot air balloon. Yep. I’m so brave. Ok, not really. But I was proud of myself! and it was totally gorgeous. The Albuquerque sunrise was amazing.

Sneak Peek

Just had photoshoot for the new album. Thought I’d give you a little sneak peak… natalie


[video_vc type=”youtube” id=”AVkKKJKd4hQ”] So, living on the road is such a gift. I get to do what I love. But it does have its challenges and requires some creativity – especially with twin 2 year olds on the bus. There’s not much about the twins life that mirrors a typical 2 year old. They’re little…

Your $10 Can Set Thousands Free

That’s right. I’m only asking you for $10. No matter who you are, how tight your finances, you can spare ten bucks. And then watch what God can do. He will multiply that $10, and use it to set slaves free. Here’s the deal: Facebook is giving away money as a part of America’s Giving…