To me, Hurricane represents the best of Natalie’s illustrious career, seamlessly bringing together all of her elements of infectious melodies, stellar vocals, and worshipful lyrics in a flawlessly produced album. Every song is catchy and meaningful. They are all standout tracks.

There are emotional ballads including “Burn Bright,” “Born To Be” and “When I Leave the Room,” exciting pop songs like “Closer to Your Heart,” “Hurricane,” “Whisper,” “This Is Love” and “Dead Alive,” and the worshipful celebrations “For All of Us” and “In The End.” The album is all about finding hope in our times of storms. Hope is what keeps the lights on, and our ultimate hope is Jesus. His goodness is proclaimed in every song.

This album is a reminder that even in our “hurricanes,” a better day is coming. The clouds are going to part. This album is not full of Christian clichés, but instead is loaded with fresh offerings of praise that every believer can celebrate. The song order is also meant to take listeners on the journey with Natalie from “crying on the floor” to “we win in the end.” This album is loaded with radio hits, but more importantly, it takes listeners on a spiritual journey learning truths about Jesus that change and move you. I fully expect this album to win multiple awards. Hurricane is one of my top albums of the year.

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