If you’re anything like me, you have a catalog in your mind of some pivotal moments in your life when different people may have said “you can’t…”
Some of those defining moments have stayed with me, influenced me, kept me from believing that I am who God says that I am.

But the more I have discovered about Jesus and the more I learn of His thoughts towards me, what once were deafening and defeating statements, are replaced by the Truth of God.

I’m calling on all my girlfriends to rise up and be a part of a revolution. That together, with one voice, the earth would hear us, as the sisterhood of God say, “yes, we can.”

Dare To Be is a call for women to stand and say “I am who God says that I am. I can be what God says I can be. I can do what God has asked me to do.” If we could begin to see what God sees when He looks at us, how would that change our lives, marriages, families, communities and the world?

When Jesus asked Peter to walk on the water, I’m betting there were many “I can’t” thoughts that initially crossed his mind. But because Peter dared to believe and trust, Jesus accomplished the impossible through his life. He wants to do the same through us. Jesus didn’t say, “I’m sorry, Peter, but water-walking is for Messiahs only.” No, he said one simple word: Come. God is daring us to do impossible things by faith.

This is what I am asking of you. Throughout the week, I want you, daughter of the King, to dare to believe & live 1 thing God has called you to be.

1. Write it on a piece of paper. Then sign your name.
2. Take a picture while holding the sign. Tweet or facebook the pic with the hashtag #daretobe
3. Live it out.

We’ll make a weekly collage of all who are Daring To Be. I want to see your face among what will be a beautiful collection, and I’ll be excited to feature you on my website.

So, what will you DARE TO BE? Love, kindness, hope, courage, joy, peace, justice, freedom, empowered, uncompromising, forgiving, whole….

“I can do all things through CHRIST…”(Phil 4:13) – and so can YOU!

Join us for a Dare To Be event. Check dates and locations here.