This is a brilliant record. The lyrics, the music, the artists – all combined I believe this is one of the BEST records ever made. Just the list of artists – WOW. What a lineup and an honor to see my name listed among all of those great artists. Do yourself a favor and take some time by yourself and listen to it in its entirety. I promise you will not be the same when it is finished.

So maybe I’m a little biased. (*wink*) My genius husband co-wrote every song with the genius Nichole Nordeman. He also co-produced it with the legendary Brown Bannister. So I had the incredible privilege of having a sideline seat while this was being created. What a process. I may have had a few moments where I was not as supportive – Bernie stayed up many nights and gave up a lot of time with his family to help create this masterpiece. For weeks and weeks he was living on 1 or 2 hours of sleep a night. I remember thinking, “for what? this is too much work for just one record!”
And then I heard it. Every lost hour of sleep was worth it. This isn’t just a record. This is the Story of all stories. It makes the Bible come to life in a way I have never experienced. And I seem to find a part of myself in every character and every song.
My song on The Story is called “Alive.” What a thrill for me to take on the voice of Mary the Magdalene and sing the story of the resurrection. And I am also excited that “Alive” is being sent to radio in a few weeks. Be sure and call your local station and request it.
Alive. That one word changes everything. That one word gives me a future and a hope. That one word gives me freedom and peace.
I am His because He is….ALIVE.

To quote Nichole Nordeman’s lyrics – “What kind of Love is writing my story till the end with mercy’s pen? Only You…”

Check out “The Story” record and let me know what you think.

All for the glory of the Author of my story……..

Check it out on iTunes now!