When I first met Sheila Walsh, it was 2003 in Sacramento, and I was getting ready to do my first ever Women of Faith event. I’ll be honest, I was a little starstruck.

First of all, I had listened to her music when I was a girl. She was a Christian rock chick and I LOVED that! Second, her books had ministered to me in some dark moments of my life. Third, she’s basically a fashion icon. I was in awe of her shoes. 😉 And here I was, about to share the stage with her. Wow.

Now fast forward to 2011 and I have toured on and off with Women of Faith for years, allowing me to share the stage with Sheila many times. I still love her music. Her books still minister to me and bring hope to my mess. Of course she’s still a fashion icon and I’m as amazed as ever at her killer shoes. The only difference, is that now I call her friend.

I am BEYOND honored to have her as a guest blogger at NatalieGrant.com. I know you will be as blessed by these words as I am. Leave a comment letting Sheila know how much you appreciate her.

Also, be sure and pick up a copy of Sheila’s new book, The Shelter of God’s Promises. While you’re at it, pick up 2 and give one away. http://www.sheilawalshblog.com/

Be blessed.


In January, Natalie asked a fantastic question: “What attribute of God are you believing Him to be for you in 2011?”
Lately I’ve been struck by how life changing it is to stand on the truth that God is our Promise Keeper.

January is generally full of promises – many of them promises we make to ourselves about how we’re going to do better this year (eat less, exercise more, just to name the 2 most laden with guilt). As our commitment wanes and life kicks in it’s no surprise that February has become a month for broken promises. Not to mention that little holiday right in the middle of the month that can remind us all of broken promises and hearts…

But seriously, I am shifting my focus this year. I know that in my own strength I am too weak and flawed to be able to depend on myself. If I let myself focus on this, on my own weaknesses, or those of my fellow well-intentioned promise-breakers, I will fall into despair. So, I’m not going to live there anymore.

So lately I am choosing to focus on the One who has kept every promise He ever made. I am cherishing the fact that in the atoning death of Jesus Christ, God kept His most difficult promise of all – that he would deliver us from ourselves through the death and resurrection of His Son. And I am praising Him for being completely faithful to me even when I am not faithful to Him.

As Natalie sings:
You came to the world
For love of one like me
And though I am the worst of sinners
Grace is all I see…

Sheila Walsh is the author of numerous books including The Shelter of God’s Promises. She is also one of Natalie’s biggest fans.