Happy New Year! I’m so excited that I’m kicking of 2011 with a brand new radio single: Your Great Name.
This is def one of my favs from the record and one of yours, too. We had a vote a while back and this song was in the running for the top spot. So, you helped pick my single. THANKS! 🙂

Jesus…there is no greater name. As we head in to a New Year, full of so many possibilities, many of us are still strapped down by fear. I love the line in this song that says, “Every fear has no place, at the sound of Your great name.”

So I’d love to hear from you. As you think of Jesus, what does the sound of His name mean to you? And what attribute of who He is are you believing Him to be for you in 2011?

Helper. Healer. Savior. Teacher. Father. Friend. Redeemer. King. Provider. You name it. Go.
(the good news is that He is & always will be “all of the above.”)