Ok – so I thought we could have a fun poll. On Monday, August 2, I’m going in to have an ultrasound which will tell us if we’re having a girl or a boy. I know, I know, many of you have said I should wait to be surprised on the day of the birth. And I thought about that (for about 5 seconds) and decided NO WAY! 😉 I’m a planner. And I’m no good at waiting, and no good at surprises for that matter. (Sorry mom and dad, I peaked at my Christmas presents every year from about 3-8th grade!)

So….what do you think I’m having? Of course we know that the great Creator has already decided, but c’mon, give it a guess! For those who believe in any of the myths or wives-tale ways of predicting, here are a few facts:

Heartbeat has been averaging around 160.
I had pretty severe morning sickness.
I started showing VERY quickly.
I’ve craved sweet more than salty, but truthfully I’ve craved a bit of both.
I’ve REALLY craved orange juice.

Here we go.