I was driving to the airport this morning & saw a group of “workers” picking up trash on the side of the road. Each one was wearing an orange vest with these words emblazoned on the back:


Wow. Most hung their head low, hoping not to make any eye contact with the drivers passing by. There it was, in big capital letters for all the world to see.

Now listen, I’m not about to defend anyone who drinks and drives. They absolutely deserve to be punished by the law. Drinking & Driving has robbed many families of a mom, a dad, a spouse, a son, a daughter. Wearing an orange vest seems a little lenient if you ask me.

But, seeing their shame printed across their backs made me wonder what my vest would say. Can you imagine having to walk around with your sins being announced to the world? My secrets alone would be too many to even fit on one vest.

Many of us walk around wearing a similar vest. No, our mistakes and sins are not printed on the back, but the weight of our guilt hunches us over and we walk with a defeated posture. We avoid making eye contact and light & joy are missing from our face. We’re dressed in shame.

Today I’m shedding that vest. See, I have another vest and it’s just my size. This same vest fits anyone, regardless of who you are. The words emblazoned on the back say:


Let that vest show today. Wear your forgiveness. May grace and peace so permeate our own lives, that it can’t help but spill out to everyone around us. This vest is always in fashion, never out of style, and always the perfect fit. 🙂

“But those who depend on faith, not on deeds, and who believe in the God who declares the GUILTY TO BE INNOCENT, it is this faith that God takes in to account to put them right with Himself.” Romans 4:5

“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Romans 8:1

You. Are. Forgiven. Act like it.

With love AND freedom 🙂