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So, living on the road is such a gift. I get to do what I love. But it does have its challenges and requires some creativity – especially with twin 2 year olds on the bus. There’s not much about the twins life that mirrors a typical 2 year old. They’re little gypsies – living out of a suitcase for much of their lives. Because of this, I want to work hard to bring some “normal kid” into their lives!
So….since we were out of town on “Pumpkin Day” and couldn’t ask for treats in our neighborhood, I still wanted them to have the experience. Now enters the problem: We’re at a venue in Austin, TX with no neighborhoods in the immediate vicinity. No malls in the area are doing anything special at the time. but i want them to have the fun experience and besides, i paid good $$ for those cute little costumes, and they’re gonna use them! 😉

Now enters the solution: there’s a massive crowd of people waiting in the courtyard outside the venue, waiting for the doors to open. So, I have my sweet tourmate, Tiffany Thurston, take mounds of treats and pass them out to the crowd, the merchandise volunteers, and the Jeremy Camp and Bebo Norman buses. They became our neighborhood. The girls walked all through the very sweet crowd, with the pink plastic pumpkins, and collected treats. they knocked on the doors of the tour buses and were met with love (and candy, ofcourse!) we made the best memories. it turned out so much better than i could have hoped. i think i may have just started a tradition for my family. the only question is who’s town we’ll be in next year!

Thank you, Austin, for making such a special memory for my girls and their mommy 😉 i will never forget it.

what did you do on “Pumpkin Day”?