That’s right. I’m only asking you for $10. No matter who you are, how tight your finances, you can spare ten bucks. And then watch what God can do. He will multiply that $10, and use it to set slaves free. Here’s the deal:

Facebook is giving away money as a part of America’s Giving Challenge and we think that money should be used to help put an end to modern-day slavery! We need your help so that The Home Foundation can win the $50,000 prize! You DO NOT need a facebook account to give. Anyone can do it.

To help us win $50,000:
*Donate a minimum of $10 anytime between NOW and 3PM EST on November 6.

To help us win a daily $1000 prize:
*Donate $10 on October 27th.

To donate: click HERE.

That’s it. The person with the most individual donations wins. So we need YOU, and then we need you to be a loud mouth. Tell EVERYONE you know. Send an email, a facebook message, a twitter – anything to get the word out.

It’s so easy!! Why would you NOT do it?

If you need a little more motivation:
*By the time you will have read this message, 2 children have been sold in to sexual slavery. Yep, 2 kids every 60 seconds. THIS MUST STOP.

*The average age of a trafficked victim in the United States is 13. That’s right – it’s not just happening across the world. It’s happening across the street.

*There are currently 27 million slaves in the world today. 85% of these are young women and children who are forced to work in the sex trade.

We need your help.

When you give, you can call yourself an abolitionist. Now that’s cool.

With love and great gratitude,

a fellow abolitionist