Hi peeps.

Sorry i have been absent from my blog for the past couple of weeks. life with almost-2 twin toddlers is crazy, to say the least. i did get a few weeks off from traveling, which were pure bliss, but now i’m back at it. and while it is difficult, it is a such a gift to get to do what i was created to do.

I’ve got a new radio single out, “Our Hope Endures”, and it’s been so sweet to hear many stories of how this song is touching such a personal place in many people. i would love to hear your story. we’ve added a place for you to share your stories of hope. Click on the link and tell your story. I will visit the page often and will read every one. ¬†your personal stories are always such a great source of encouragement for me.

i will tell you what the song means to me. i was able to write this song with Christa Wells, the incredible song-writer that wrote “Held”. inspired by a story of her dear friend battling cancer, she was reminded of the Hope that endures every situation in life. i offered the truth of scripture: “Emmanuel, God is with us. El-Shaddai, all sufficient.” Timely words for all of us I think.

With our tanked economy, He is sufficient. You may have lost your job or even your house – He’s sufficient. Through divorce and devastation, you are not alone. Emmanuel, God is with us. so many are looking to a new president to bring peace and stability. while I pray he is successful at leading this great nation, our hope is not found in nations, or armies or governments. Our hope is found in the One whom the government rests on his shoulders. In the words of The Message, from Psalm 103:6, “God makes everything come out right. He puts victims back on their feet.”

with love AND great hope…..