Here we are in the last day of 2008. How did that happen so fast? It’s been a great year, but now I’m doing what seemingly everyone else is doing, looking forward and wondering how to get off those extra holiday pounds.

Seriously, I’ve never been much on New Year’s Resolutions, but what are your hopes for the New Year? Here are mine:

1. Attack the Gracie and Bella bulge. It’s been 2 years. The “but I’ve had twins” excuse just doesn’t work any more. Wii Fit, here I come.
2. Read more. I need more books in my life.
3. Memorize scripture. I need to get back in to this great Sunday School ritual. I heard writing scripture on sticky notes and putting them on the bathroom mirror works. I will try it.
4. Pay it forward. My goal is to do 1 random act of kindness every week. Buy a stranger’s lunch. Help a stranger load groceries in to their car.

‘Random’. ‘Kind’. 2 words I will focus on this coming year. ¬†Would you join me in number 4? Let’s make “kindness for no reason” popular. I think it could be revolutionary.

Share your dreams for 2009. And many thanks to all of you who helped make 2008 an incredible year for me. Somebody told me I was the most played female Christian artist on the radio this year. Cool. That’s thanks to you. The Home Foundation is exploding and we are helping victims of human trafficking all over the world, especially those in our own neighborhoods with the launch of our domestic shelters program. God is at work. What a privilege to be on His team.

Hugs to all of you,