I love Mercy Ministries. I love Nancy Alcorn. I love who they are, what they’re about and Who they represent. If you are not familiar with Mercy Ministries, let me introduce you. Just a little over 25 years ago, Nancy Alcorn opened the doors of their first mercy home in Louisiana. They now have locations in Louisiana, Tennessee, Missouri and around the world. They offer hope and healing to desperate young women who are seeking freedom from life-controlling problems such as: eating disorders, depression, self-harm, physical and sexual abuse, and unplanned pregnancy. Their Bible-based program is free-of-charge and Mercy Ministries has now served over 2000 girls.

As many of you know, I am a former bulimic. My heart is especially drawn to the work of Mercy Ministries because of their desire to help girls who struggle with little to know self-esteem. Their educated and qualified staff does this through helping the girls see themselves through the eyes of Christ. I come in contact with girls every weekend at the Revolve Tour who are cutters or have an eating disorder. I have also met several girls who have come through the program at Mercy Ministries and their lives have been changed. I have seen the light in their eyes as they tell me about the freedom they are now experiencing.

I thank God for Nancy Alcorn. She has made great sacrifices, choosing to remain single and forego having a family in order to be married to this ministry. But because of this, she has had a part in seeing God transform thousands of lives. It couldn’t have been easy, but I am grateful for Nancy Alcorn. And I am so grateful for the work of Mercy Ministries.

If you are a young woman in need of help, or if you would like to learn how you can support this awesome work, please visit www.mercyministries.org. Check it out.