Hi Everyone. Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted. I have been crazy, busy on the Revolve Tour, and, I must admit, I am addicted to Twitter. So if you want to hear from me more often, follow me on Twitter. I tweet several times a day.

My cousin sent me this little video forward, and I felt compelled to post it. Truthfully, this little 5-minute video made me weep. It is so simple, but completely powerful. Something was so moving about it. Everyday people. Everyday problems. Everyday God. I have been a Christian for so long, it is easy to forget the power of the gospel. Jesus is still in the business of setting people free. He still heals. He still delivers. He still restores. And it isn’t because you paid $$ for an annointed “prayer cloth”, or gave an offering to some televangelist. It’s not hokus-pokus. It’s real and it’s lasting. He’s not Santa-Claus. He’s not in the business of fulfilling our wish lists. He is El-Shaddai. He is all-sufficient. He is the hope that endures.

Something about those cardboard signs got me. Everyone has a story. We’ve all been saved from much. Sometimes we forget. Stop for a moment and remember. What is your cardboard sign? Because everyone has a story. What is yours?

Watch the video.