Okay, so I played the Iowa State Fair last week with Michael W Smith. While I’ve worked with him several times before, I SO do not see myself as a colleague, as i am still a fan. 🙂 i mean, as a very young girl, “project” was one of the first albums my parents bought me. of-course, “the big picture” was a regular in my household, and “go west young man” was a staple in my car. so, needless to say, my palms still get a little sweaty when i’m around him. okay, not really, but he is SO cool.
I showed up uninvited at the front door of his bus. i wanted to see if i could get “in”. watch the video to see what happens. i think this one is pretty hilarious. thanks to my sweet friend, tiff, for putting it together and of-course, including the soundtrack for it. it makes perfect sense, since smitty and i are now friends forever.(*wink*)
you’ll get it after you watch it.