Okay, so I had the most amazing day yesterday. First, The Grammy’s decided to do a Salute to Gospel Music, honoring some legendary figures who have made so many contributions to the Gospel music industry. They held it at the Lincoln Theater in Washington DC and decided to honor The Winans, Sandi Patty, and Walter and Edwin Hawkins. They brought special guests in to sing a tribute to each of the honorees. This is where I came in.  So, when they asked Sandi Patty if she could have anyone come and sing a tribute for her who would it be, she said…. (drum roll please) ME!

When I was a little girl singing Sandi Patty songs into my hairbrush, if you would have told me that I would be singing for her one day at a Grammy event I would have said you were crazy. What a special night. I sang Love In Any Language, an oldie but a goodie 😉 Did I mention Patti LaBelle was there? Oh yes, in all her glory and she raised the roof. And Sandi showed why she was the female vocalist of the year for 11 years in a row as she sang We Shall Behold Him. It was so awesome. (For all my young friends on here, you may not know Sandi’s voice, but she is a legend. Just ask your mom*wink*)

And if that weren’t enough, check out what happened earlier in the day. There was a press conference at the Capitol. The president of the Grammy’s spoke, several members of congress and a few senators and…..ME! Yep, I was playing with the big dogs. It was so very surreal. I asked myself a million times in my mind, “what am I doing here”? Surely there was someone more important and eloquent than I who could have spoken, but God opened the door for me and I nervously walked through it. Something very cool is happening this September. Thanks to The Gospel Music Channel president, who had the dream and determination to make it a reality, every September from this year on has been proclaimed by the United States Congress as “Gospel Music Heritage Month.” How cool is that? I spoke about it on behalf of the Artist community during the press conference at the Capitol. I am so grateful for such a memorable day.

It’s easy, isn’t it, to get caught up in the snags of life. Wishing for something more, something different, something better. And often, God drops little surprises from Heaven that make us smile and the journey a little easier. That was yesterday for me. If we’re not careful, we may miss our daily God-moments. Don’t miss yours. And hold on, because a blessing is right around the corner. 

with a grateful heart….