Have you ever cut your own hair? My bangs were constantly in my eyes and driving me INSANE! So, I’m in St Louis for Women of Faith and I decided to give myself a trim in the dressing room bathroom. It turned out pretty good, actually. Considering the scissors were eyebrow scissors. (Tiff, we must talk about why you have eyebrow scissors!) Anyway, now I’m thinking my layers could use a little trim. Uh, oh, I’m moving past the bangs! Put down the scissors, Natalie!!! Have you ever had a hair debacle?

My worst hair moment of all time was in the fifth grade when my sister Allison gave me a perm. My hair looked like a bunch of cauliflower. Then there was my new-wave phase with one side short and the other side long. Oh yes, that is a true story. Thank God for hats. When you see me wearing one, there is a bad hair day being hid underneath.

Cheers to a good hair day!