g’day, mate!

Wait a second….wrong country. Sorry about that. I’m not in australia, but I am in England and it is AMAZING! We weathered the flight okay, the babies slept the entire flight (thank you for your prayers), and have adjusted incredibly. BIG news….Bella is now walking – everywhere! She is still stumbly-bumbly, but she’s walking! And now that gracie sees her walking, she has taken her first steps. She is now up to 7 steps! Yep, and all this happened in England. Incredible. The church we are working with here is amazing. Check them out. They are Abundant Life Church in Bradford, UK. This place is awesome. The worship is so authentic and real and the teaching is life-changing. Order their stuff. you won’t regret it. We have also had a bit of time to see around the beautiful British countryside. It is so breathtaking. I haven’t seen a billboard since i’ve been here. How refreshing.

I’m back in the good ‘ol USA on Monday. I’ll write more soon. Till then, I’ll
tell the queen you say hello 🙂