hello peeps,

i have some many things i want to talk to you about. actually, there are 2 things that have been on my heart in particular, that i want to blog at length about and just don’t have the time
today. so check back often in the next little while and i will get to it very soon!

okay – just a quick little update on what’s been happening. we finished the “Relentless” tour on sunday night. oh my goodness, we pulled off some pretty funny tour pranks. first, when Ashmont Hill started the show, we had to do a few things to them. their newbies – i mean, we HAD to prank them, right?

so Phil and Will always love to take their mics off the stand all dramatically. so what did we do? we taped them to the stand. so in the middle of the song, they are trying to grab their mic off the stand and it won’t budge. pretty funny.  funnier, however, is what we did to Jimmy Needham.  I met with the announcer of the concert and told him to prep the audience. then we distracted Jimmy while he did so. we asked the announcer to tell the crowd not to clap at the end of Jimmy’s first song. not a clap, not a whistle, not a peep. so Jimmy takes the stage, playing and singing his heart out, trying to get the crowd all revved up. he finished his song and nobody made a sound! Jimmy looked like a deer in the headlights and whispered in to his mic, “that was it. that was the end of my song.” still nothing. he looked like he was going to throw up. them myself and my band popped out from back stage and started cheering like crazy for him and then the audience went nuts for him. it was HILARIOUS. heartless, maybe, but too funny. he knew we were going to do something, but he never expected that. it was awesome.

But then my band pulled one off on me. one my song, “what are you waiting for”, i turned to look at my guitar player, only it wasn’t my guitar player. it was my bass player. and my guitar player was on bass. and my drummer was on keys. and yep, you guessed it, my keys player was on drums. it totally threw me and i started cracking up. i could barely sing the song. scarier, though, is that they actually made it through the song on different instruments. those boys are talented. but i pray i never see matt on the drums again. (sorry, matt!) i love the people i travel with. they make life on the road very fun.

we then had a video shoot on monday night. it is for “I will not be moved”. i think it will be my coolest video yet. we shot it at the old state prison in Nashville, at night nonetheless – freaky! it is where they filmed alot of “the green mile”. that was cool. can’t wait for you to see it. the pic above is of me and the band at the shoot. sorry you’re not in the pic, tiff! where were you?!!! yes, tiffany, my incredible BGV is in the video, and she looked awesome.

now i am frantically doing laundry and packing for my trip to England. we leave tomorrow and it is going to be an awesome trip. but pray for the flight if you think about it. we are taking the twins. 2 babies on a 10 hour flight to England? help me, Jesus!

much love,