so, I watched American Idol last night. I have a love/hate relationship with this show. I love the fact that it gives a voice and a chance to some really talented people who may have never had a shot without it. It gives a platform to some great voices that many times would have been considered “not-marketable” or
whatever. So I think that’s great.

I also love “Idol Gives Back” and the fact that they are using that platform and the millions watching to help people in need. awesome.

But then there’s the hate part of the equation. Excuse me while I step on to my soap box. I think it instills a fascination with “being a star” into youngins’ everywhere. That’s what they see. All you have to do is get in to the top 10 and you’ll have your picture in People Magazine, you’ll go on a tour and be a rockstar for a moment. I think it does the same thing for some of the contestants. Say they’re “#6” and they become a household name, get picked up in limos, walk the red carpet a few times, and then the shows over, the tours over, they had a record deal for a second, and then the next season starts and they’re forgotten about. I think it’s unfair to some of them because it sets them up for unmet expectations and dissapointment. Just listen to a few of the past “cast-off’s” and it’s weird because their whole lives seem to revolve around their moment on American Idol. I don’t know, it just seems unhealthy to me. And then there’s the times on the show when they perform all together. It’s really bad broadway. And why do they have barry manilow nights? it makes me break out in hives. Did i really just spew all this in my blog? Sorry.

As you can see, it’s been building up for quite awhile. I’ve stepped off my soap box now! 😉 One great thing is that the show has given us some incredible people to listen to and look up to.
So now let me be a hypocrite for a while. There’s all these reasons that I hate this show but you can be guaranteed that I would never miss the finale. or the auditions. and a few shows in between. And so I’m back to last night.

Jason Castro – why did you forget the lyrics? You are so pretty and I want to love you, but this late in the competition you got to bring your best game.

Syesha – this girl has an awesome voice and she is GORGEOUS. and when she cried last night, i cried. Wait a second, I hate this show, remember????? And then there’s

David Cook. Is he getting a little arrogant? He seems to be. But he is my
favorite. I hope he wins because his voice has some grit.

Okay – and then there is the Archuletta kid. His voice really is amazing. So pure and beautiful. Can
he even drive yet? Exactly. And there is something troubling about him to me. i don’t know. Is he too perfect to anyone else? Hmmmm, the show sucks you in, doesn’t it. Okay, I love this show. No, I hate this show…no, I love it….no, I hate it….no, I love it.

Love it or hate it, it’s like a car crash….you just can’t look away.