I just played at the Toad Suck Daze festival in Conway, Arkansas. Yes, you read that correctly: Toad Suck Daze. Don’t ask me what it means, I have no clue. But I said “suck” from stage many times and that made me giggle, as that’s not a word I often use during my concerts! Anyway, the weather was great, there were funnel cakes and we had a good time.

But, the day turned in to a real downer for one reason only: the “stuck on a truck at toad suck” contest. it’s this crazy contest where people have to keep atleast one hand on a new ford truck and whoever stays on the longest, wins the truck. we checked out the competition when there were 6 people left and they had been stuck on the truck for 72 hours at this point. they get a 5 minute break every hour, but still – 72 hours? they hadn’t slept in 3 days. so here’s the kicker. one of the girls in the contest is a fan of mine. she had said that she was bummed she missed my concert because she was stuck on the truck. her friend came and got me to sign 2 cd’s for her and I agreed to deliver them to her personally and cheer her on. right before we got there, i turned to her friend and said,

“now she’s not going to get excited and take her hands off the truck, is she?”

they assured me no. at this point, the contestants have been stuck on the truck for 77 1/2 hours. they were completely delirious. just as i arrive, some guy gets on the microphone and announces that i’m there, making a much bigger deal of it than was needed and the girl, completely delirious turns to see me and takes her hands OFF THE TRUCK!

No, no, no!!!! it was so awful. i thought people were going to start throwing stuff at me. i was just trying to be nice and do what i was asked to do, but now it looked like it was all my fault. i wanted to crawl under a rock. i was mortified. needless to say, i won’t be heading back to toad suck daze anytime soon!

have you ever had an embarrassing moment? tell me about it and maybe it’ll make me feel better!

feeling like a toad at toad suck daze,