Okay – so here’s a quick update.

I lost. Yep, that’s right – the Tamale won. Here’s the deal: It’s impossible for me to go to the movies without treats. I mean, IMPOSSIBLE. So, when my sweet husband asks me to go to a matinee, I can’t say no. And when he stops by the drugstore to pick me up a box (yep – the BIG box) of Hot Tamales to sneak into the matinee, it would have been oh so rude of me to say no to his sweetness.

I didn’t even make it into the theater before the box was open and my fingers were red. the only semi-good news: i spilled half the box on the floor. The movie wasn’t great. it had some intense action but was just okay. So if you planned on seeing “Vantage Point”, save your $$ and wait till you can rent it instead.

Have a great day and eat something sweet for me.