Hi friends.

Welcome to my online diary. Yes – I have entered the “blog” world. I don’t know why that word kind-of intimidates me. Maybe it’s because I have read other people’s blogs and there always so clever and witty. I’ve never felt very clever, certainly not witty, but yet here I am. So here’s the deal: I won’t try to be clever, just honest.

How’s this for some honesty – I am trying to drop 5lbs and i would give my left pinky-finger for a box of Hot Tamales candies right now. in fact, I might even give 2 fingers for the really BIG box. It’s as if the box is calling to me, taunting me, telling me that i will give in and get sticky, red fingers from eating them so fast. but i tell the box that i am stronger, that I will survive it’s silly little taunts.

Who knew that hot tamales were like the devil?

So, come back soon for some more honesty and an update on whether or not I caved to the tamale.